Saturday, 5 May 2018

Lulu - The Artist (Special Edition)

Salaam, peace!

Been busy designing a new damsel this week
with lots of fun accessories for you.

She's on her way to her art class with all her stuff.
You'll agree, she's got a creative, quirky style about her.

I wanted to show you everything in detail so
be prepared for a quite a few photos!

(meaning: pearl)
Here she is with all she needs for her class.

Never leaves home without her beret.

What she looks like without her hat.

Gorgeous tiny braids.



Once again with all her gear.

Her artwork slips nicely into her portfolio.

Tied securely.

Her pallet and brushes have a home too.

Surely an A*?!

Off she goes!

For more info about Lulu or any other doll(s) you've seen and
would like to purchase, please email me at:

(For Qatari residents only)

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